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Fiber holders Fujikura FH-60-250

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Fiber holders Fujikura FH-60 are specifically designed to fix and hold a single fiber with an outer sheath diameter 250 µm (pigtail, patch-cord); only for splicing machines of series Fujikura FSM-60S, Fujikura FSM-18S and SpliceMate (FSM-11S). Fujikura fiber holder system is designed for splicing of a single optical fiber or fibers of ribbon type. Series Fujikura FH-60 is a pair of holders for the left and right side, respectively.




Number of fibers


Fiber sheath diameter

250 µm

Fiber holding

Magnetic clamps

Fixation in asplicing machine

System of two alignment pins

Dimensions (length x width x height), mm


Weight, g

20 (one pair)


Plate: plastic

Cover: nickel-clad steel


Model of splicing machine

FSM-60S, FSM-18S, SpliceMate (FSM-11S)

Model of cleaver


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