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Optical line fault detector MT3304N Fiber Ranger

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MT3304N Fiber Ranger (optical line fault detector) is designed to define the optical line integrity and distance to the fault place. The fault detector operates on the principle of reflectometer OTDR, with the only difference that results of measurement are displayed as a numerical value of distance to the event or damage of fiber, at that events are not analyzed and attenuation is not measured. A very useful device for optical line operation; it can partially perform as a reflectometer.


Key features:

  • Acceptable accuracy of damage localization;
  • Easy to use;
  • High speed of measurements;
  • Can display distance values for up to 8 events (intermediate detachable connections at optical line);
  • Built-in visual damage detector (laser emitting red light);
  • Over 10 hours of battery-operation.


Field of application:

Definition of optical line length and distance to damage point, at construction and operation of access optical networks FTTx.



Operating wavelength

1550 nm (option 1310 nm)

Fiber type

Standard single-mode fiber 9/125 µm

Optical connector type


Optical detector


Maximum measured distance

To reflecting event, km

60 (≥1 dB)

To non-reflecting event, km

20 (≥2.5 dB)

Reflection dead zone (m)


Visible light source

Wavelength, nm


Output power, mW


Power supply

3 elments AA

Battery operating time





Operating temperature range, °С

-5 - 40

Storage temperature range,°С

-10 - 60

Dimensions, mm

190 х 100 х 50

Weight, g


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