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Optical power meter MULTITEST MT1115C

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Hand-held Optical Power Meter MULTITEST series MT1115C, despite its overall dimensions, has a set of basic functions for measurements and is very easy to use. The device has a compact body with a modern appearance and a large range of measured wavelengths (850, 1300, 1310, 1490, 1550 and 1625 nm).

The meter is suitable for servicing optical networks of telecom, cable television, Ethernet, and for test measurements in research and testing laboratories.


  • Additional replaceable optical connectors SC, ST included;
  • Display light that can be switched on;
  • Displaying the results of measurements in mW, dB, dBm;
  • Measurements of absolute and relative power levels;
  • Auto shut-off in 10 minutes;
  • Convenient cover;
  • Accumulator feeding, the complete set includes a power adapter for charging.





 Calibrated wavelengths, nm


 Optical detector


 Measured power range, dBm



 ±0.35 dB

 Measurement pitch

 0.01 dB

 Type of optical connector

 Plug-in connector FC type (+ auxiliary replaceable connectors SC and ST included)

 Time before auto shut-off, min


 Operating temperature range

 -10…+50 °С

 Storage temperature range

 -20…+70 °С

 Dimensions, mm

 115 х 62 х 30

 Weight, g


 Power supply

 Li-ion accumulator, power supply unit

*- for wavelength 1550 nm, 23±3°С, humidity 70%, with a FC connector.

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