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FC pigtails with reduced bending losses Cor-X Flex

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Optical pigtail with reduced bending losses is a simplex piece of optical fiber of certain length with solid or unrestrained protective coating 0,9 mm, terminated from one end with a connector of type FC.


  • Low allowable bending radiuses due to using of special fiber, which complies with requirements of ITU-T G.657.A;
  • Fully compatible by optical parameters and weldibility with normal single-mode fiber
  • Low induced losses;
  • Low reflection;
  • Good repeatability;
  • Good replaceability;
  • High thermal stability.


Colour marking:

Connector’s colour indicated method of end surfacing:

  • Blue (Black) - surfacing type UPC (Ultra PC);
  • Green - surfacing type APC (Angle PC).


Fields of use:

  • Fiber-optic communication systems;
  • Fiber-optic data transmission systems;
  • Fiber-optic access networks;
  • Fiber-optic networks CATV;
  • Local area networks;
  • Diagnostic tools;
  • Fiber-optic sensors.






Induced losses, dB

≤ 0,20

≤ 0,20

Reverse reflection, dB

≤ -50

≤ -60

Repeatability*, dB

≤ 0,10

≤ 0,10


more than 1000 times

Type and diameter of fiber**

Single-mode, 9/125 um, complies with ITU-T G.657.А (low bending losses)

Operating temperature, °С

-40  - +70


Telcordia GR–326

* - Term ‘repeatability’ means range of induced losses for single item.


Pigtails are supplied with length of 1,5 m or any other length ordered.
Protective coating of optical fiber is made from PVC, on order pigtails can be supplied in solid protective coating.


Example of order labeling:

Pigtail OFP-FC/UPC-1,5 Flex - Optical pigtail with a connector FC/UPC and single-mode fiber with low bending losses in unrestrained protective coating Ø0,9 mm, length 1.5 m.

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