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Reinforced optical patch cords

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Reinforced optical patch cords fall into categories of speciality patch cords. They are used under harsh operating condition, where the probability of increased mechanical loading or rodent damage is very high. These patch cords are made from special reinforced optical cable with two flexible protective coatings made from non-rusting steel. Fiber in thick buffer Ø 0,6 mm is additionally protected with a layer of kevlar. Cable coating is made from non-combustion spreading zero-halogen low-smoke material (LSZH - Low Smoke Zero Halogen).

At the image below cable is “dissected” by layers for better demonstration of all protective coatings.


Reinforced patchcords are supplied with different types of optical connectors: SC/UPC; SC/APC; FC/UPC; FC/APC; LC/UPC etc.

Use: FTTH, LAN, CATV, data processing centers, diagnostic equipment, specialized machinery.

Specifications of patch cords with single-mode* optical fiber

Method of surfacing of connector




Induced losses (Type)

≤0.2 dB

≤0.2 dB

≤0.2 dB

Reverse losses

≥45 dB

≥55 dB

≥65 dB


≤0.1 dB

≤0.1 dB

≤0.1 dB

Operating temperature


External Ø of a cable


Ø3,3 mm


Ø3,3 mm

*it is possible to manufacture by order patch cords with a fiber NZDS ( ITU-T G.655 ), and also with a multi-mode fiber 50/125um

Cords are supplied with a length of 1, 3, 5m or any other length ordered

External coating of the optical cable is made from LSZH, it possible to manufacture it from other material if ordered (PVC, PE etc.)

Ordering information:

  • Patch cord AOFPC-SC/APC-SC/APC-3 reinforced patch cord, optical single-mode, connectors SC/APC, length 3 м
  • Patch cord AOFPC-FC/UPC-FC/UPC-5 duplex reinforced patch cord, optical single-mode duplex, connectors SC/UPC, length 5 м
  • Patch cord AOFPC-FC/PC-FC/PC-10-MM 50/125 reinforced patch cord, optical Multi-mode (Fiber 50/125 um), connectors SC/PC, length 10 м
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