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Combined optical patch cords

Fiber type:


These patch cords are simplex or duplex pieces of cable of certain length and external diameter, terminated from both ends with connectors of different design types and method of end surfacing.


  • Low induced losses;
  • Low reflection;
  • Good repeatability;
  • Good replaceability;
  • High thermal stability;
  • Different connectors types can be patched with eath other.

Colour marking:

Connector’s colour indicates the method of end surfacing :

  • Black (Blue)- surfacing type UPC (Ultra PC)
  • Green - surfacing type APC (Angle PC)
  • beige - applied in patchcords with multi-mode fiber

Patch cord colour indicates the type of used optical fiber:

  • Yellow - single-mode fiber
  • Orange - multi-mode fiber

Fields of use:

  • Fiber-optic communication systems;
  • Fiber-optic data transmission systems;
  • Fiber-optic access networks;
  • Fiber-optic networks CATV;
  • Local area networks;
  • PON networks;
  • Diagnostic tools;
  • Fiber-optic sensors.








Patch cord length, m

1, 3, 5 or any requested

Induced losses, dB


Maximal induced losses, dB  


Repeatability*, dB  


Replaceability*, dB  


Reverse reflection, dB  






Type and diameter of fiber***  

Corning SMF-28, 9/125um

Operating temperature, °С  

-40 ÷ +70

Storage temperature, °С  

-40 ÷ +85


more than 1000 times


Telcordia GR–326

* - Term ‘repeatability’ means range of induced losses for single item.

** - Term ‘replaceability’ means range of induced losses for different items of one type.

***- you can order manufacturing of the patch cord with fiber NZDS ( ITU-T G.655 ) and also with multimode fiber 50/125um, or with fiber nonsensitive to bending (ITU-T G.657.A). 

Cords are supplied with a length of 1, 3, 5 m or any other length ordered
External coating of the optical cable is made from PVC, it is possible to manufacture it from LSZH material if ordered

Note: It is possible to manufacture any combination of optical connectors with different surfacing types both in simplex, and duplex design - if ordered so. 

If a patchcord has a connector of LC type from one side, than in this case diameter of external coating is 2 mm.

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