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Optical converters GI FibreMDU Twin and Quad

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Optical converters GI FibreMDU Twin and Quad were developed to connect LNB to GI FibreMDU optical output through PON network or directly through an optical attenuator.
Each of converters Twin and Quad receives an optical signal from GI FibreMDU LNB or PON network through a standard 3 mm cable that terminates in FC/PC connectors.
The optical signals are converted back into the original format of satellite IF and supplied to the output standard connector of type F and further to a satellite tuner, which makes the installation elementary.
Both Twin and Quad converters are fed from a satellite tuner.


Technical specifications:

Optical parameters 

Optical input level (switch in SML)

0…-13 dBm

Optical input level (switch in STD)

-14…-18 dBm

Type of output connector


RF parameters 

IF H/High output (converted from 4, 4-5.45 GHz)

1100-2150 MHz

IF V/High output (converted from 1,95-3 GHz)

1100-2150 MHz

IF H/Low output (converted from 3,4-4,4 GHz)

950-1950 MHz

IF V/Low output (from 0.95-1.95 GHz)

950-1950 MHz

Output  level (to transponder)

-65…-25 dB m

Non-uniformity of amplitude-frequency responsein the range  

5 dB

Non-uniformity of amplitude-frequency responsein 30 MHz band 

1 dB

Integrated phase noise (1 KHz - 13MHz )


Frequency instability / inaccuracy

< 320 KHz

Other parameters 

Power supply to Quad and Twin models

from SAT receiver

Current consumption

< 330 мА

Types of output connectors

F (female)

Operating temperature range

0…+50 °С

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