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GI FibreMDU - LNB with optical output

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This modern device makes use of a patented technology to unite signals both of horizontal and vertical polarization into one signal at frequencies of 0.95 – 5.45 GHz. The resultant signal is subsequently modulated in an optical manner, for which purpose it comes to an internal 1310 nm transducer and further to the optical output.

The converter is fed through a separate input furnished with a connector of type F and consumes less than 450 мА from a standard 12 V power supply.

The optical connection is performed through a standard FC/PC connector.

Having the output power of +7 dB, LNB with its optical output GI FibreMDU is easily feeding up to 32 GI FibreMDU converters (see Specification) located within a radius of 10 km.

  • Converts 4 universal IF bands into one optical output;
  • Adds all converted signals to  32 consumer's points  located randomly  a distance of up to 10 km;
  • A standard 40mm feed.

Technical specifications:

RF parameters 

Range of input frequencies

10,7-12,75 GHz


linear (V and H)

Vertical polarization transmission band

0,95-3 GHz

 Horizontal polarization transmission band

3,4-5,45 GHz

Optical parameters 

Operating wavelength

1310 nm

Rated output power

7 dB m

Type of optical connector



Gainfactor (converted)

62…72 dB

Gain changes in the range of -30 to 60 °С

±2 dB

Non-uniformity of amplitude-frequency response(0,95 – 5,45 Гц)

5 dB

Non-uniformity of amplitude-frequency response(any section of 26 MHz )

0,5 dB


Vertical polarization heterodynefrequency

9,75 GHz

Horizontal polarization heterodynefrequency

7,3 GHz

Phase noise (with shift of 1 KHz)

-55 dB c/Hz

Phase noise (with shift of 10 KHz)

-80 dB c/Hz

Phase noise (with shift of 100 KHz)

-100 dB c/Hz

Phase noise (with shift of 1 MHz )

-110 dB c/Hz

Frequency stability in the range of -30…+60 °С

±2 MHz

Other parameters 

Isolation between polarizations (type)

30 dB

Rated power voltage

12 V

Maximumnondestructivepower voltage

25 V

Current consumption

< 450 mА

Type of connector for power supply

F (female)

Diameter of attaching point

40 mm

Operating temperature range

-30…+60 °С

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