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TELESTE AC8000 scalable optical node

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Компактные масштабируемые оптические узлы TELESTE ACcess 8000


This optical node is a unique in its kind optical platform that provides the complete service and multilateral multi-pronged approach to the solution of any problem posed by the HFC network operator. There are a number of features that make ACcess 8000 the best solution for any fibre-coaxial networks. The modular design of this platform gives the opportunity to gradually extendthe node configuration in the process of the network extension.The design of the modules and the calibration system ensures easy maintenance and operation.


excellent features and characteristics;

modular, upgradable structure;

programmable A/B switch for forward and backward channels;

two output, superpower RF amplifiers, the second output can be divided by the splitter into two outputs;

central microprocessor control;

the possibility of local and remote configuring and monitoring of the following parameters: the position of ingress noise switching attenuator (0,-6 dB, and off),input optical power level, input levels of analog and digital channels (optional), laser pumping current, input and output voltage of both power supply units (one primary, one backup), thermal regimes, serial numbers and versions of all plugins, the state of the chassis covers (open, closed). All configured and controlled parameters are stored in the memory on the motherboard;

a wide range of types of the lasers used in the backward channel transmitters;

the possibility of backward channel signal splitting into two independent channels;

the possibility of establishing a backup power supply unit;

automatic determination of the module type and maintaining a "plug and play" function;

the modules replacement without the whole node shutting down is admitted;

convenient holder for the optical fibre cable mounting;

replaceable backward channel diplexer filters;

high level of shielding.

Single optical node:

At the initial stage of network development, the ACcess 8000 optical nodes can be used with minimal configuration and operate as usual optical receivers, equipped with a reliable power source units, two powerful RF amplifiers, optical forward channel receiver and backward channel transmitter (optional).


Одиночный оптический узел

A / B Switching Mode:

When operating inthis mode, thenode is equipped withtwo opticalforward channelreceiversandtwo backward channel transmitters.A backup power supply can also be mounted. This mode provides 100% hot standby on the main directions with automatic switching in case of emergency situations.

Режим A/B переключения


It is used at substantial increase of the subscribers using the backward channel. In order to avoid its overloading, the backward channel segmentation mode is used by means of extracting the preamplifier from the circuit of the backward channel in A / B switch. In this case we have two independent backward channel transmitters, and each transmitter serves its own coaxial input (for the subscribers’ signals), as a result the load of the backward channel decreases.

Сегментация обратного канала

Technical Specifications:

Optical parameters

Receivers (modules)



Operating wave length


Optical input power level

-7…-2 dBm

-3…+2 dBm

Adjustment range of output RF signal

0…20 dB

Optical transmitters (modules)




Laser type


1310 DFB


Level of optical output power

+1 dBm

+3 dBm

+3 dBm

Frequency range

5…100 MHz

Level of input RF signal (min.)

60 dBuV

Frequencies of the integrated pilot generator

4.5 MHzor 6.5 MHz

RF parameters

Forward channel frequency band

47/54/70/85…862 MHz

Backward channel frequency band

5…30/42/50/65 MHz

Irregularity of thefrequency response

0.5 dB

Reflection coefficient

20 dB

CTB, CENELEC42 channels

112 dBuV**

CSO, CENELEC42 channels

114 dBuV**

XMOD, CENELEC42 channels

108,5 dBuV**

General characteristics

Operating temperature range

-40…+55 °С

Protection class


Opticalconnector types

SC/APC, FC/APC, E-2000

Output connector type

PG11 or another one, Consumer’s option

Test point connector type



240×250×150 mm


2.5 kg

Power consumption

41 W***

Supply voltage

27…65В AC/±35…90B DCor 40…90В AC/±50…125B DC

Transit current of remote power supply

8 А/port

* - the CDWM transmitters with the DFB laser at the following wavelengths: 1470, 1490, 1510, 1530, 1550, 1570, 1590 and 1610 nm.
** - Measured with the 8 dB equalizer.
*** - When using the node in the single configuration, - 48 W power consumption when using in the double configuration.

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