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TELESTE AC800 Optical node

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Оптический узел TELESTE AC800


AC800 is an optical receiver with one active output amplifier, with the possibility to extend the functionality through modular design. New features can be added by you later with the help of appropriate software or insert modules. The function of ALSS, which is controlled by the EMT module is possible (EMT - Element Manager Transponder is designed to interact with the management and monitoring systems), or a cheaper detector module with fixed frequencies of the pilot signals. The transponder can be easily mounted in the slot for the insert modules without external cables. This module performs the measurement and control of a number of parameters of the node. It can be controlled either locally from the lep-top or a manual programmer, or remotely using EMS management function (EMS software is a means of Teleste product monitoring and control, allowing cable network operators to constantly monitor the network status). Amplification stage is created on the modern GaAs element basis, which ensures high quality signal. Amplification can be adjusted in two interstage positions allowing to work a in wide dynamic range. Due to the use of internal divider operation, the work on two outputs is possible. Backward signal channel can be fed directly to the transmitter through an optional external input port.


  • A wide range of types of lasers used in backward channel transmitters;
  • Monitoring of the optical parameters;
  • Convenient holder for the optical fibre cable mounting;
  • Amplifier stages are fabricated using GaAs technology;
  • 2 outputs with transit-voltage of remote power supply;
  • Possibility of the AGC system installation;
  • Signal level measurement;
  • Effective protection against overloads and electrostatic charges;
  • Additional input port of backward channel signal;
  • Possibility of usage of various inserts for optimal configuring of the node;
  • Integrated switch of the ingress noise cut-off in the backward path;
  • Compatibility with HMS management system;
  • Fixed memory area for electronic identification.

Technical Specifications:




Forward channel

The range ofthe optical signal wavelengths, nm

1290 ... 1600

Input optical power, dBm

-5 ... +1

Nominal working range

RF-signal frequency range, MHz

47 / 54 / 70 / 85 ... 862

Reflection coefficient, dB


on 40 MHz, at  f > 40 MHz - 1.5 dB/octave

Limited increase in output level, dBuV


At -5 dBm input, OMI=4%, λ=1310 nm

Gain control, dB


Regulated by the insertion in 1 dB steps

Interstage slope, dB


Slope value is determined by the insertion

Irregularity of the frequency response , dB


rated value

Test point, dB


±0.75 dB, can be used asinputforthe backward channel test signal

CTB 42 channels, dBuV


At -5 dBm input, OMI=4%, slope 8 dB. The highest recommended output level for the node is111.0 dBuV at 42 channels

CSO 42 channels, dBuV


XMOD 42 channels, dBuV


Backward channel

Frequency range, MHz

5 ... 30 / 42 / 50 / 65

Reflection coefficient, dB


Position of ingress noise switching attenuator, dB

0 / -6 / < -45

Input level, dBuV


Nominal input level when OMI=4.0%

Test point, dB


±1.5 dB

General characteristics

Power consumption, W


With the AC6840backward channel module

Supply voltage, V

27 ... 65 (ac potential) / ±33 ... 90 (constant) or 205 ... 255 (constant)

Depending on the version

Transit current of remote power supply, А/port


Max 12 Ais the total current of inputpower supply

Hum modulation level, dB


Optical connector types

SC/APC, FC/APC, E-2000

The type is specified when ordering

Output connector type


Another type is on-demand

Test point connector type


Dimensions, mm

245 × 255 × 100

(height × width × depth)

Weight, kg


Operating temperature range, °C

-40 ... +55

Protection class

IP 54

Electromagnetic compatibility


Protection against electrostatic charges, kV


EN61000-4-2, discharge from the case and RF-ports

Impulse overvoltage, kV


EN61000-4-5, 1.2/50 μs impulse on RF-ports



The rated value of carrier/noise ratio, depending on the optical modulation index and signal level:

Номинальное значение несущая/шум в зависимости от индекса оптической модуляции и уровня сигнала

Monitoring functions and parameters under control:

  • Optical level of the receiving module;
  • Laser current measurement;
  • Pilot-generator control in the optical transmitter;
  • RF amplifier ON / OFF. in the optical transmitter;
  • Control of the ON. / -6 DB / OFF position of the switched ingress noise attenuator;
  • Measurement of remote power voltage 65 V;
  • Local power supply 12 V;
  • Local power supply 24 V;
  • Temperature measurement;
  • Individual measurement of the channel level and spectrum;
  • AGC function;
  • Monitoring of the cover position;
  • Indication of the local connection to the server;
  • Configuration data are stored in EEPROM (electrically erasable programmable read-only memory) of the motherboard.

Block diagram of the TELESTE AC800 optical receiver:

Блок-схема оптического приемника TELESTE AC800

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