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Rack-mountable optical receivers of the reverse channel ARCOTEL of WR2002R-2004R series




Receiver contains from one to four independent optical receivers in the one housing. The alternate attenuator is installed on each channel. Input circuits are made on qualities PIN diodes. Structurally it is made in a form of unit in height 1U under installation into the 19" rack and has built-in supply unit.

Technical characteristics:

Optical parameters

Input optical power, dBm

-15 ∼ -3

Optical wave length, nm

1100 ∼ 1600

Connector type

FC/APC or for choice

Optical fiber type


HF parameters

Operated frequencies, MHz

5 ∼ 200

Output level (at -15dBm at input), dBmkV


AGC irregularity, dB


Return losses at input, dB


Output resistance (impedance), Ohm


General characteristics

Supply voltage, V


Dimensions, mm


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