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Optical reverse channel receiver TERRA ROS121M





  • dual reverse channel receiver  with the possibility of remote monitoring of optical nodes of OD200 series in the subsystem ”MasterWatch"
  • AGC linked to the optical input power or to the pilot signal
  • all parameters are programmatically controlled  through CMH data bus
  • integrated display and keyboard for control
  • sockets:

   2xHF output and test – F socket
   optical - 2xSC/APC
   additional port CMH  data bus - 4P4C

Technical characteristics:



 Frequency range

5 - 200 MHz

Optical input power

-15...2 dBm

Wave length

1100-1600 nm

HF output level

95 dBmkV

Output reflection coefficient

18 dB

Amplification adjustmentpr

30 dB with increments of 0.5 dB

Remote monitoring function

using program CMH Master

Optical socket



187 – 250 V, 50 Hz, 8 W

Working temperature range

0…+50 °С

Dimensions/Weight (in packing)

485x58.5x177 mm/3 kg

pr – switched programmatically

Structural scheme:





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