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Optical receiver TERRA OD200, OD200P

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Артикул: 170757
Unit: pcs.


  • integrated system of self-diagnosis
  • internal or external (with PC100) setting of parameters
  • minimal number of embedded modules
  • 1 or 2 outputs
  • GaAs two-cycle output cascade
  • embedded reverse channel transmitters;
  • embedded filter for blocking of ingression noises
  • controlled switch of ingress noises
  • AGC controlled by microprocessor (without pilot signals)

Additional possibilities:

  • The possibility to control parameters of a receiver with MasterWatch remote monitoring subsystem

Subsystem allows, using CMH Master program complex for controlling the main station CMH3000 or RMH3000, to display the information about status of remotely located optical nodes of OD200 series. Besides of performing of the main function, i.e. two-way transfer of information through optical fiber, the appropriate complete of equipment allows to display an information about the following node parameters on the computer monitor in real time: DC supply voltage, consumed current, temperature, input optical level, AC voltage of remote supply, outer control transmitter status, current consumed by a laser.
Maximum number of optical nodes displayed by the system is 256.

List of necessary equipment for realization of possibility of monitoring:

  • ROS121Morro121M- optical receiver of the reverse channel with the possibility of remote monitoring of optical nodes of OD200 series
  • OD200, OD200P- optical node
  • po 01-1F, po 01-2F- an optical transmitter of the reverse channel embedded into an optical node
  • CMH Master- software for providing of station control

Technical characteristics:






Wave length

1100 - 1600 nm

Optical level at input, controlled by AGC 

-7...2 dBm

Spectral concentration of noise current

max. 8.0 pA/√Hz

Frequency range

47/75/87-862 MHz

Reverse  channel

5-30/55/65 MHz


75 Ohm

Reflection coefficient 

18 dB/40 MHz - 1.5 dB/per octave

Unevenness of amplitude-frequency characteristic 

± 0.75 dB

Output level (conrl. dBm, 4.9 % OMI)

114 dBµV

Output level (CTB, EN50083-3)*

112 dBµV (42 ch.)

Output level (CSO, EN50083-3)*

113 dBµV (42 ch.)

Intercascade attenuator*** 

0-10 dB with increments of 0.5 dB

Intercascade corrector***

0-10 dB with increments of 0.5 dB

Reverse channel attenuator ***

0-25 dB with increments of 1 dB

Switch of ingress noises***

0 / -6 / < -50 dB

Supply voltage, 50Hz 

24 - 65 V

187 - 250 V

Consumed power, max. 

40 VA

45 VA

Consumed current

24 V AC

1.7 A


42 V AC

0.95 A


65 V AC

0.6 A


Maximum current through HF port

7 A

Attenuation coefficient at the control output

-20 ± 0.5 dB

Attenuation coefficient on the control output in the reverse channel

-20 ± 0.5 dB

Socket for input a signal of the reverse channel


-30 dB

Frequency range

5 - 200 MHz

Optical sockets


Output sockets


Type of connections of control output


Ratio of a signal to the background noise (7A)

min. 65 dB

Screening coefficient

> 80 dB

Housing protection class

IP 64

Working temperature range

-20...+50° C

Dimensions/Weight (in packing)

229x159x120 mm (housing); 269x159x120 mm (mounting dimension) / 3.2 kg

* - frequency range depends on embedded diplexer 
** - Output level(CTB,CSO) measured with intercascade corrector 6dB 
*** - switched programmatically

Structural scheme: 

Структурная схема

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