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Optical receiver TERRA OD120



A receiver is intended for operation with deep penetration of optics at presence of the parallel Ethernet network. Equipped with built-in monitoring module, which, besides of functions of control of a receiver, has transducer for the cabinet door or anti-vandal box, in which the node itself and Ethernet commutator, as well as a relay of commutator restarting, in case of its hang up are located.


  • control of all main parameters through Ethernet (transfer protocol TCP/IP (support of SNMPv2c);
  • it is supplied together with free program for control and monitoring OD Explorer;
  • electronic setting of all parameters
  • AGC linked to the optical input level
  • high output level;
  • 1 or 2 outputs, commutable,
  • thermocompensation of deflection of HF output level
  • digital indication of optical input level and other parameters
  • cast housing

Technical characteristics:



Wave length

1100 -1600 nm

Optical level at input (range of AGC)

-7... 2 dBm

Spectral concentration of noise current

≤ 7.0 pA/√Hz

Frequency range

47-862 MHz


75 Ω

Reflection coefficient

18 dB/40 MHz-1.5 dB/per octave

Unevenness of amplitude-frequency characteristic

± 0.75 dB

Output level (contr. AGC, 4.9% OMI)

113 dBµV

Output level* (CTB ≤ 60dB, 42 chan. Cenelec)

113 dBµV

Output level* (CSO ≤ 60dB, 42 chan. Cenelec)

113 dBµV

Intercascade attenuator  pr

0-15 dB with increments of 1 dB

Intercascade corrector  pr

0-15 dB with increments of 1 dB

Attenuation coefficient at the control output

-20 dB ± 0.7 dB

Optical socket


HF sockets


Ethernet socket


Supply voltage

AC 187-250 V 50 Hz 15 W

Working temperature range

-20 … + 50 °C

Dimensions, mm

213 x 138 x 76

Weight (in packing), kg


* Output level(CTB,CSO) measured with intercascade corrector 6dB **.
pr- switched programmatically.

Remotely controlled parameters

  • temperature;
  • Optical input power;
  • high output level;
  • internal voltage supply

Remotely controlled parameters:

  • value of the first attenuator;
  • value of the second attenuator;
  • value of AGC corrector

Remotely controlled ports:

  • alarm signaling port;
  • relay output;
  • UPS input.

Structural scheme: 


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