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Optical receiver ARCOTEL series GA8050(OR)

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The optical receiver with increased output level GA8050(OR) is intended for work in hybrid fiber-coaxial networks of cable television with deep penetration of optics. The receiver performs converting of the optical amplitude-modulated signal into the radio-frequency (RF) wideband signal of TV range and following signal amplification for its distribution through the coaxial network.

Main characteristics and technical parameters:
                high sensibility and wide range of input optical signals;

  • ten-stage LED input signal level indicator (step 1 dB);
  • AGC system on input optic signal;
  • powerful output amplifier AsGa Power Doubler provides minimal distortions at multi-channel transfer:
  • two RF outputs with replaceable divider supplied as one unit;
  • possibility of setting of preliminary AGC slope by smooth regulator;
  • versions with local and remote supply;
  • cast housing with developed finning
  • impulse power supply;
  • output sockets 5/8" equipped with adapters for F type;
  • optimal ratio price/quality;




Wave working length

1200-1600 nm

Input optical signal level

- 7…+2 dBm


Optical connector type



Reflection coefficient on input

> 45 dB

Frequency band

47-862 MHz

Unevenness of amplitude-frequency characteristic

± 0.75 dB

Smooth regulation of output level

0 ± -18 dB

Smooth regulation of a slope

0 ± 18 dB

Ratio signal/noise

≥51 dB


Working output level (at -7...+1 dBm at input)

≥112 dBmkV


Maximum output level

≥108 dBmkV(with divider)

Composite distortions level


≤-65 dB



≤-60 dB

Test point attenuation

-20 dB

Output impedance

75 Ω

Number of outputs



Supply voltage, remote/local

35-85 V, 50 Hz /220 V, 50 Hz

Consumed power

≤15 W


196х140х85 mm / 2,5kg

Working temperature range

-25…+55 °С

    1. Recommended input level of the optic signal Maximum allowed input level +3dBm.
    2. FC/APC connector, tailor-made.
    3. Typical value at the input signal level  -2 dBm. C/N ratio of optical line of transfer depends on whole number of parameters: input optical power, index of optical modulation, fiber line length, noise characteristics of a transmitter.
    4. Supported by the AGC system at input level  -7…+1 dBm (OMI 4%)
    5. At translation of 60 channels PAL and output level of signal - 112 dBmkV (108 dBmkV with divider).
    6. The divider P204 had been initially installed (4/4 dB).

For more detail information about main differences between various models of optical receivers from ARCOTEL, and their technical characteristic, please, visit   a site

       Optical receiver GA8050

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