Optical receiver ARCOTEL series GA8025(OR)

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Код: 053083
Unit: pcs.
The optical receiver ARCOTEL GA8025(OR) is intended for work in hybrid fiber-coaxial networks of cable television with deep optics penetration. Mainly its FTTH and FTTB networks .The receiver  converts the optical amplitude-modulated signal into the radio-frequency (RF) wideband signal of TV range and provides further signal amplification for its distribution through the coaxial network. 



  • Optical receiver in a compact case;
  • Wide range of input levels of the optical signal;
  • Display of optical input level;
  • High output RF signal level at low input optical signal;
  • The output stage is implemented by the scheme Push-Pull;
  • Low power consumption;
  • Protection against overvoltage output.



Working wavelength  1100 - 1600 nm
Input optical signal level  -7 … +2 dBm
Optical connector type  SC/APC
Reflection coefficient on input  >45 dB
Frequency band  47 - 862 MHz
Unevenness of amplitude-frequency characteristic  ±0.75 dB
Ratio signal/noise  ≥48 dB*
Working output level  ≥103 dBmkV**
Output level due to DIN 45004B(IMA3=-60dB)  121 dBmkV
Smooth regulation of output level  0…-20 dB
Smooth regulation of a slope  0…-18 dB
Return losses on  output  ≥14 dB
Test point attenuation  -30 dB
Output impedance  75 Ω
Consumed power  ~198-250 V/50 Hz/7 W
Dimensions, mm  107 × 148 × 53

             *at input optical level -6 dMB .OMI=4%
            **at transmission of 99 PAL channels



The optical receiver ARCOTEL GA8025(OR) structure chart:

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