Optical receiver ARCOTEL GA8330(OR)

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Наименование Код Наличие Ед.измерения Цена Количество
1 GA8330(OR)-220V-SC 170662 pcs.

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  • input hybrid optical module for a model GA8330(OR)Pt  (PHOTON or analogous);
  • high sensibility and wide range of input optical signals;
  • four-stage LED indicator of the input signal level;
  • two powerful output amplifiers Power Doubler;
  • four RF outputs with replaceable dividers;
  • possibility of setting of preliminary AGC slope;
  • embedded unit of the reverse channel optical transmitter
  • version with local and remote supply;
  • impulse power supply;
  • output sockets 5/8" equipped with adapters for F type;
  • cast housing with developed finning and high-performance varnish-and-paint coating;
  • optimal ratio price/quality;

Technical characteristics:




Wave working length

1290 -1600 nm

Optical input level

-5..+2 dBm

Reflection coefficient on input

> 45 dB

Frequency band

Direct channel

45/87/-860 MHz

Reverse channel*

5-30/65 MHz

Unevenness of amplitude-frequency characteristic

± 0.75 dB

Ratio signal/noise

> 51 dB

Output level (at -0dBm at input)

112 dBµV

108 dBµV

Composite distortions level (at 84 channels PAL-D with a transmitter WT86xxC)


-65 dB


-60 dB

Attenuation of test point/socket type

-30 dB/ "F"

Supply voltage, remote/local

30-60 V, 50 Hz /220 V, 50 Hz

Working temperature range

-20° ? +50° C

Consumed power

30 W


245×225×150 mm / 3 kg

Input level of a signal for the reverse channel transmitter module

90 dBµV

* - determined by replaceable diplexer-filter

For more detail information about main differences between various models of optical receivers from ARCOTEL, and their technical characteristic, please, visit   a site.

Flow chart:

Recommended module of the reverse channel transmitter:

  • RPT-FP-1-8330.

Recommended type of inserts:

output RF divider (3.5, 10 dB) - supplied as an unit

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