Optical receiver ARCOTEL GA8035(OR)E-220V

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Optical receiver Arcotel GA8035(OR)E is intended for work in hybrid fiber-coaxial networks of cable television with deep penetration of optics. Mainly, they are in-house and in-building networks (FTTH, FTTB). The receiver performs converting of the optical amplitude-modulated signal into the radio-frequency (RF) wideband signal of TV range and following signal amplification for its distribution through the coaxial network. 
The receiver  allows to carry out remote monitoring and control through Ethernet network using SNMP protocol.

Main characteristics and technical parameters.

  • high sensibility and wide range of input optical signals;
  • electronic regulation of level and slope;
  • AGC system on input optic signal;
  • Push-Pull output amplifier provides minimal distortions at multi-channel  transfer;
  • two RF outputs (second - 10 dB);
  • impulse power supply


Arcotel GA8035(OR)E


 Wave working length

 1100-1600 nm

 Input optic signal level

 - 8…+2 dBm


 Optical connector type



 Reflection coefficient on input

 >45 dB

 Frequency band

 47 - 862 MHz

 Unevenness of amplitude-frequency characteristic

 ± 0.75 dB

 Electronic regulation of output level

 0 ± -20 dB

 Electronic regulation of slope

 0 ± 10 dB

 Ratio signal/noise

≥51 dB


 Maximum output level (at -8...+2 dBm at input)

 104 dBmkV


 Recommended working output level

 98 dBmkV

 Composite distortions level


 ≤-65 dB



 ≤-60 dB

 Test point attenuation

 -20 dB

 Output impedance

 75 Ω

 Number of outputs



 Supply voltage

 220 V ±15%, 50 Hz

 Consumed power

 ≤10 W


 210х150х95 mm / 1kg

Working temperature range

 -30…+50 °С


1.       Recommended input level of the optic signal Maximum allowed input level +3dBm.

2.       FC/APC connector, tailor-made.

3.       Typical value at the input signal level  -2 dBm. C/N ratio of optical line of transfer depends on whole number of parameters: input optical power, index of optical modulation, fiber line length, noise characteristics of a transmitter.

4.       Supported by the AGC system at input level  -8…+2 dBm

5.       At translation of 84 channels PAL and output level of signal - 98 dBmkV.

The divider had been initially installed providing a second output -10 dB.

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