Optical FTTH receiver ARCOTEL GA8030(OR)

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Наименование Код Наличие Ед.измерения Цена Количество
1 GA8030(OR)-220V-SC 047462 pcs.
2 GA8030(OR)-60V-SC 050830 pcs.



Optical receiver GA8030(OR) is intended for work in FTTH (fiber in house) networks. The receiver performs converting of the optical amplitude-modulated signal into the radio-frequency (RF) wideband signal of TV range and following signal amplification for its distribution through the coaxial network.

Main characteristics and technical parameters:

  • high sensibility and wide range of input optical signals;
  • output hybrid PP amplifier;
  • two RF outputs (second output - 10 dB);
  • possibility of setting of preliminary AGC slope (alternate equalizer);
  • possibility of attenuation of output signal (alternate attenuator);
  • aluminium housing with finning;
  • built-in supply unit;
  • output sockets of F type;
  • optimal ratio price/quality;

Technical characteristics:



Wave working length

1100 - 1600 nm

Working level of input optic signal

-7…+2 dBm

Recommended level of input optic signal

-5…0 dBm

Optical connector type


Reflection coefficient on input

> 45 dB

Frequency band

47 - 862 MHz

Unevenness of amplitude-frequency characteristic

± 0.75 dB

Ratio signal/noise

≥48 dB

Output level (at -2dBm at input)

≥98 dBmkV

Maximum output level

≥100 dBmkV

Level of composite distortions at maximum output level


≥60 dB



Reflection coefficient on input

≥16 dB ( 45-550 MHz ); ≥14 dB (550-862MHz)

Attenuation of second output

-10 dB

Output impedance

75 Ohm

Supply voltage

220 V, 50 Hz (built-in supply unit)

Consumed power

10 W


185?100?55 mm

For more detail information about main differences between various models of optical receivers from ARCOTEL, and their technical characteristic, please, visit   a site.

Structural scheme of optical receiver GA8030;

The structural scheme  gives a conception about functional structure of a receiver, location of control points and regulating nodes. To adjust a level and slope of output signal alternate attenuator and equalizer.

Installation of the optical receiver:

Structure of a receiver allows to install it both in premises and outside in boxes protected from water penetration. It is not recommended to locate devices under impact of direct sunlight, because it can lead to breaking of allowable heating rate. Working position of a receiver is arbitrary. It is not allowed to cover a housing with any materials, which can lead to worsening of cooling during operation.

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