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CWDM reverse channel modules for ARCOTEL optical receivers





Working wave length 1470, 1490, 1510, 1530, 1550, 1570, 1590, 1610 nm (depending on a model).
Output power: 1 or 2 mW.
Optical connector type: SC/APC.

Designation for the order: RPT-CWDM-xxxx-x, where хххх – wave working length, x – output power. 

Modules for optical receivers GA8330 have an index ”8330” in their designation. The hybrid RF reverse channel amplifier also is included into the complete. Reverse channel diplexer-filters are bought separately.

To combine and separate the optical signals on the different wave lengths it is recommended to apply CWDM filters Cor-x of different configurations (Mux, Demux, Add/Drop).

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