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ARCOTEL GA9036(OR)- 220V, GA9036(OR)E- 220V optical receiver

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Arcotel GA9036 (OR) - 220V, GA9036 (OR) E-220V is an optical receiver for use in optical sections of cable TV networks. Basically it means networks with deep fiber - optics penetration (FTTH, FTTB). A receiver converts an input optical amplitude-modulated signal into a radio frequency (RF) broadband signal , amplifies it up to desired level for further distribution through the coaxial cable.

This model has a built-in network transponder and enables remote monitoring and control of receiver parameters over Ethernet network using SNMP.

Key features and specifications:

  • High sensitivity and a wide range of input optical signals;
  • Operating range up to 1002 MHz;
  • Electronic control of the level and slope ;
  • Remote monitoring and control via SNMP protocol (only model GA9036 (OR) E-220V)
  • Improved AGC system of the input optical signal with possibility to adjust ;
  • Modern GaAs output amplifier provides a high output level ( up to 112 dBuV) with minimal distortions under multichannel transmission ;
  • Control of the input optical signal ,of the output RF signal , of temperature and supply voltage ;
  • two RF outputs (the second one - 10dB ) ;
  • Switching power supply , low power consumption ;
  • Compact die-cast housing
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