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Optical receiver ARCOTEL GA8045(OR)- 220V


Optical receiver ARCOTEL GA8045 (OR) is designed to work in the optical parts of cable TV networks. Basically it is modern FTTB, FTTC (fiber to the building and fiber to the curb) network.

This receiver converts the input optical amplitude-modulated signal into a radio frequency (RF) broadband signal and performs its gain for further distribution over coaxial cable.

High output level of the RF signal permits to minimize the number of home amplifiers used in the network.

Main features:

  • High sensitivity and wide range of input optical signals
  • Electronic control of level and slope
  • Improved AGC of the input optical signal
  • Modern GaAs output amplifier provides high output level (up to 116 dBmkV) with minimal distortion under multi-channel transmission
  • Control of the input optical signal, of output RF signal, temperature, power supply voltage
  • Two RF outputs, swapped output splitter
  • Switching power supply, low power consumption
  • Rugged die-cast housing
  • Output 8/5 «connectors with adapters for F type

Location of controls and switching bodies ,of input and output ports:

Arcotel GA8045 - Location of controls and switching bodies ,of input and output ports

  1. Optical input
  2. Place of optical cable input
  3. Digital display
  4. Connector for transponder module
  5. «OK» bottom
  6. "Down«bottom
  7. «Up» bottom
  8. Jumper for remote powering 60V
  9. Output #1
  10. Swapping output splitter
  11. Output #2

12. Test point — 20 dB
13. Power indicator
14. Connector of powering module
15. Cable for transponder module
16. Power supply port 60V(for models with 60V powering)
17. RJ45 Ethernet connector (optional)
18. Ethernet cable input
19. Transponder module
20. Powering cord 220V (For models with 220v powering)
21. Powering module

Structural diagram of optical receiver GA8045(OR)- 220V:

Structural diagram of optical receiver GA8045(OR)- 220V

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