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ARCOTEL GA8038(OR)-220V-SC Optical receiver

Options receiver/node:


GA8038 (OR ) optical receiver is designed for use in hybrid fiber-coaxial cable networks, FTTH / FTTB and to convert an optical AM signal into TV range radio signal, and for further signal gain and its distribution over coax networks.

Key features:

  • AGC system of the input optical signal with the ability to disable it in order to achieve maximum output level;
  • Display of optical input level;
  • Indication for switch on position;
  • All amplifier cascades are implemented by Push-Pull;
  • Compact metal die-cast body with ribbing;
  • Switch mode power supply;
  • Output protection against overvoltage.

Block diagram:

arcotel ga8038 or 220v sc shema en deps

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