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Optical cable Step4Net ODLххх-В1-25
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Cable is used for hanging on poles of communication lines, on supports of municipal electric transport, between buildings and other objects. All dielectric cable construction allows hanging on poles of electric contact networks and on power lines with up to 12 kV. Small size and weight allows also to tighten (or to blow )  cable in plastic tubes and micro channels.


Cable has 6-12optical modules, which are wound around a central strength member. These modules may contain up to 144 optic fibers. There is a hydrophobic gel inside the module. To prevent the moisture ingress  the waterproof fibers are located between the modules  and over the modules there is a water blocking tape.

Over the cable core there is a layer of reinforcing  fiberglass, which provides sufficient resistance to tensile stress at small diameter and weight. Outer sheath is made of a UV-stabilized high density polyethylene

Fully dielectric cable design eliminates any electromagnetic interference to cable, eliminating the need of grounding and electrical safety during installation and operation

Optical fiber which complies with ITU-T G.652.D is used in the cable. Its specifications you can find here. On a client’s demand cable can be manufactured with fibers which comply  ITU-T G.655.

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