Special application optical cable FinMark LТxxx-SM-OPGW

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OPGW (Optical Ground Ware) – self-supporting optical cable with a ground wire, for hanging on supports of electric power supply lines.

Cable with one or several optical modules,made as tubes from nonrusting steel, twisted in power cable–ground wire. Material and parameters of all cable’s components depent on requirements for mechanic and electric specifications of cable and condition of its operation.

Parameters, which should be indicated in order:

  • amount of fibers;
  • PSL(power supply line) voltage level;
  • specific tensile force;
  • short circuit capacity(or time and current of short circuit);
  • direct-current resistance;
  • maximum, minimum, and average operating temperatures;

An optical fiber Fujikura FutureGuide is placed in the cable – LWP (complies with ITU-T G.652.D) its specifications you can find here. On a client’s demand cable can be manufactured with fibers by ITU-T G.655

Description of colour marking of optical fibers you can findhere

Symbolic notation of FinMark optical cables you can find here

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