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Optical self-supporting cable FinMark LTxxx-SM-ADSS
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Type of cable:


ADSS (All Dielectric Self-supporting) – self-supporting, fully dielectric optical cable for hanging on supports of communication lines and power supply lines, railroad overhead contact system, between houses and other objects.


Cable with several optic modules, twisted around the central dielectric strength element, which can contain up to 144 optical fibers. Cavities between optical modules are filled with hydrofobic water-blocking compound. In cable with small amount of fibers, instead of missing optical modules so called «filling» modules are used. Self-supporting properties of the cable are provided by layer of high-strength kevlar (aramid) threads, placed between extrenal coatings. Two-layered coating is made from UV-stabilized polyethylene of high density, for cables layed along electric power supply lines with voltage value more than 12 kW, a tracking-resistant modification of polyethylene is applied.



Parameters, which should be specified in order:


  • amount of fibers;
  • PSL(power supply line) voltage level;
  • maximum, minimum, and average operating temperatures;
  • span length*;
  • maximum allowable speed of wind*;
  • maximum allowable thickness of ice surface*.



Note: instead of parameters with (*) mark, it is enough to specify maximum allowable tensile force for the cable.



An optical fiber Fujikura FutureGuide is placed in the cable – LWP (complies with ITU-T G.652.D) its specifications you can find here. On a client’s demand cable can be manufactured with fibers by ITU-T G.655

Description of colour marking of optical fibers you can findhere

Symbolic notation of FinMark optical cables you can find here

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