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Optical cable FinMark PS001SM, PS001MM

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Type of cable:
Array ( [8] => stdClass Object ( [mod] => 1000 [base] => 100 [unit] => м ) )
FinMark PS001-MM
Артикул: 168842
Unit: 100 м
FinMark PS001-SM
Артикул: 168841
Unit: 100 м
FinMark PS001-SM
Артикул: 171764
Unit: m.
FinMark PS002-MM
Артикул: 168844
Unit: 100 м
FinMark PS002-SM
Артикул: 168843
Unit: 100 м

So called «patchcord» cable for making connection cords (patchcords), for interblock connections on communication nodes and data processing centers; symplex cable for inside installations.

Cable contains one (PS001) optical fiber in 0.9mm buffer. It can be both single-mode (SM), and multimode (MM) Fiber. External coating is made from a not combustion spreading halogen-free low-smoke material – LSZH (Low Smoke Zero Halogen). On a client’s demand it is possible to manufacture cable in PVC plasticate coating. Reinforcing layer of kevlar (aramid) fibers provides cable resistance to longitudinal stress.


Cable type

PS001SM (MM)

Amount and diameter of fibers in buffer, pcs.

1 × 0.9mm

Outer coating thickness, mm


Material of reinforcing threads

kevlar (aramid)

Diameter of cable, mm


Cable mass, kg/km


Min. bending radius, constant/dynamic

10 / 20 cable diameters

Max. tensile force, N


In cable is placed an optical fiber complies with ITU-T G.652.D. On a client’s demand cable can be manufactured with fibers by ITU-T G.655

Symbolic notation of FinMark optical cables you can find here

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