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Optical cable FinMark UTxxx-SM-15
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Type of cable:


Cable is used for hanging on poles of communication lines, on supports of municipal electric transport, between buildings and other objects. All dielectric cable construction allows hanging on poles of electric contact networks and on power lines with up to 12 kV. Small size and weight allows also to tighten (or to blow ) cable in plastic tubes and micro channels.

Basic features:

  • High mechanical tensile strength
  • Light weight
  • Sheath from HDPE provides good security from casual mechanical damages and chemical influences
  • Quite big stock of fibers in the cable can withstand without damage the critical tensile stress at extreme temperatures, wind load, or glaciation
  • Absence of interference resistance on the strength element in the suspension on the supports of high-voltage networks
  • Absence of induced currents on strength element when the lightning strikes
  • Small diameter and a circular section reduces windage under wind load.
  • Built in sheath aramid rods provide additional resistance to tension. Due to their small size and weight it does not increase the weight nor reduce the cable flexibility.
  • Unlike our competitors the aramid rods are built into sheath and further tensile force is transferred from clamping to reinforcing elements which deforms the sheath less .
  • Waterproof fibers provide protection of the cable core from the transverse penetration of moisture..
  • Reinforcing fiber glasses provide additional protection against tensile forces.
  • Unlike competitors the reinforcing fiberglasses here are made in the form of strands, and not scattered fibers, which is more convenient and safe for installation.


Cable with a central optical module can contain up to 24 optical fibers. Reinforcing fiberglass layer is placed above the optical module. The sheath is made from UV stabilized HDPE. Two aramid — plastic reinforcing elements are built into the sheath in order to increase the resistance to tensile stress . All dielectric cable design eliminates any electromagnetic influence on the cable and there is no need in grounding and electrical safety during installation and operation.

An optical fiber which complies with ITU-T G.652.D is used in the cable.

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