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Optical cable FinMark LTxxx-SM-05
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Cable is used for installation in cable ducts and pipelines, bridges and overpasses, tunnels, in sewers for input into building, including the areas infected by rodents, and light soils (without frost deformations), as well as along the outer walls of buildings.


Cable has 5 — 8 optical modules (and up to 96 optical fibers), wound around a central strength member. Optical cable FinMark LTxxx-SM-05 is a lightweight design modification of LTxxx-SM-04 cable, enabling to lay up to 96 fibers in the cable with outer diameter 12 mm.

Inside the modules there is hydrophobic gel. In a cable with a small number of fibers, instead of the missing optical modules are used so-called «Filling» modules. The space between modules is filled with water-blocking compound. Over the cable core the armor of corrugated steel tape is superimposed. In addition to the mechanical protection it works as a hydro barrier preventing moisture diffusion through the polymer shell to the optical fiber. The outer sheath is made of a UV-stabilized high density polyethylene.

Upon request, the cable can be manufactured with the fibers in compliance with ITU-T G.655.

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