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Distributional optical cable FinMark FTTH001-SM-08 (FTTH002-SM-08)

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Type of cable:
17 отзыв(а-ов)
Array ( [8] => stdClass Object ( [mod] => 1000 [base] => 100 [unit] => м ) )
FinMark FTTH001-SM-18
Артикул: 168955
Unit: бух.
FinMark FTTH002-SM-18
Артикул: 168957
Unit: бух.
FinMark FTTH004-SM-18
Артикул: 168959
Unit: бух.
FinMark FTTH004-SM-18 (1 бхт = 500 м)
Артикул: 172581
Unit: бух.
FinMark FTTH004-SM-18 (1 бхт = 500 м)
Артикул: 172582
Unit: бух.
FinMark FTTH004-SM-18 (1 бхт = 500 м)
Артикул: 172583
Unit: бух.

Distribution «cable of the last mile», to be used in networks FTTH. For laying inside buildings, in risers, attics, basements, pipelines, offices, apartments, and for throwing between houses and pillars (self-supporting design).

Cable contains one (or two) optical fiber, which complies with recommendations of ITU-T G.657A (optical fiber with reduced bending losses, for FTTH usage, look for description in appendix). External coating is made from a not combustion spreading halogen-free low-smoke material – LSZH (Low Smoke Zero Halogen). Two dielectric strength elements provide resistance to longitudinal stress to the cable. Self-supporting structure FTTHххх-SM-08 is equipped also with carrying strength element made from zinc-coated braiding,  diameter 1.2 mm.


Cable type (amount of fibers)

FTTHххх-SM-08 (1/2)

Material of strength elements

FRP (glassrod)

Diameter of strength elements, mm


Material of bearing element

zinc-coated steel

Diameter of bearing element, mm


Material of cable coating


Cable dimensions: thickness × heigth, mm *

2.0 × 5.3

Cable mass, kg/km


Min. bending radius, mm


Max. tensile force (short-term/long-term), N


Max. compressive load, N/100mm


Allowable temperatures


-40°C - +60°C


-15°C - +40°C

(*) - allowable deviation +/- 0.2 mm

An optical fiber Fujikura FutureGuide is placed in the cable – LWP (complies with ITU-T G.657.A) its specifications you can find here.

Symbolic notation of FinMark optical cables you can find here 

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