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Optical mini-box CROSVER FOB-C

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2.1 kg
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Steel wall optical mini-box allows for splicing of up to 48 optical fibers. Allows for entering two optical cables. Allows for installation of a replaceable front panel FC-08 or SC-08, up to eight adapters of FC or SC type. The box is the perfect solution for realization of lead-in distributors, telecommunication crosses, server rooms, and other communication centers with limited free space, and when bring out of the great number of fibers at a given unit is not required. The mini-box allows for installation of 1 - 2 cassettes of S024 type (nominal capacity 12 splices, maximum - 24), and one front panel. The mini-box is stocked with 1 cassette and 12 sleeves. The front panel is bought separately.


Dimensions: 353  x 170 x 50 mm.

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