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Optical adapters ST

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Adaptor AD- FC/UPC
Артикул: 169527
Unit: pcs.
Adaptor AD-FC/UPC (Square type)
Артикул: 169528
Unit: pcs.
Adaptor AD-LC/PC duplex
Артикул: 169529
Unit: pcs.
Adaptor AD-SC/APC
Артикул: 169530
Unit: pcs.
Adaptor AD-SC/APC 100pcs.=1bag
Артикул: 172454
Unit: пач.
Adaptor AD-SC/PC
Артикул: 169531
Unit: pcs.
Adaptor AD-SC/PC 100pcs.=1bag
Артикул: 172455
Unit: пач.
Adaptor AD-SC/PC duplex
Артикул: 169532
Unit: pcs.
Adaptor AD-SC/UPC Lite
Артикул: 169533
Unit: pcs.
Adaptor AD-SC/АPC Lite
Артикул: 169534
Unit: pcs.
Adaptor FC/UPC Lite
Артикул: 169535
Unit: pcs.
Adaptor FC/UPC Lite (Square type)
Артикул: 172456
Unit: pcs.
Adaptor LC/PC duplex Lite
Артикул: 169536
Unit: pcs.

Optical adapters are designed for connection or interconnection of connectors set on optical connecting and installation cords. They are used in patchpannels of optical distribution frames, active equipment, and meters. Adapters of types FC, SC, ST, LC, E-2000 are always  in line (i.e. they have connectors on both sides) and serves also for precise centring of ferrulas of connectors. Ferrulas are centered in special slugs, which are made from bronze for multi-mode adapters, and from ceramic – for single-mode. Adapters for connectors with angle surfacing (APC) require more strict case size tolerance, especially for elements fixing connector and its key. Adapters MT-RJ may be both in-line and terminating, i.e. connector is patched directly with the cable. Centering in MT-RJ connectors is made by precise guiding tips.

ST adapter. Adapter’s case is made from nickel-plated brass. Adapter is secured on the patch-pannel with screw joint. Polymeric chokes protect adapter from dust.


  • Accuracy in size during manufacturing;
  • Low wearability;
  • Good replaceability;
  • Good repeatability;
  • High thermal tolerance.

Fields of use:

  • Fiber-optic communication systems;
  • Fiber-optic networks CATV;
  • Fiber-optic equipment;
  • Fiber-optic sensors;




Induced losses, dB


Repeatability*, dB


Replaceability**, dB


Material of the shell

zirconia ceramics or bronze

Operating temperature, °С

-40 - +75

Storage temperature, °С

-40 - +85



* - Term ‘repeatability’ means range of induced losses for single item.

** - Term ‘replaceability’ means range of induced losses for different items of one type.


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