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Optical box CROSVER FOB-19/1-016/16-2-24

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3.51 kg
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Optical box CROSVER FOB-19/1-016/16-2-24 is designed for mounting in a 19-inch rack and is used for termination of optical cables by splicing with use of pigtails. Allows for dressing of up to 24 optical fibers. A universal solution for lead-in distributors, telecommunication crosses, server rooms and other communication centers. Secure fixation of optical cables is ensured by conical clamp design of the port (type PG 13.5), fixation of the cable power elements in special clamps, and additional fixation with use of nylon cable ties. Ergonomic design and internal packaging of box meet all the operational requirements.


  • Removable top cover.
  • Organizers to support the optical cables.
  • Convenient design of cable inputs (PG type).
  • Secure fixation of cables and power elements.
  • Earthing leads for cable metal power elements.
  • Front panels for any connector type can be installed.


Engineering data:

Box type

Max. number of fibers


Max. number of front panels

(height x width x depth), mm

Weight, kg





44 x 485 x 242



Complete set:

  • Splice-cassettes S016 (2 pcs х 16 splices).
  • Shrink tubes (24 pcs).
  • Organizers (2 pcs).
  • Plastic ports PG type for cable input (2 pcs).
  • Plugs for cable input ports (2 pcs).
  • Nylon ties for cable fixation.
  • Insulation tape (1 piece).
  • Earthing conductors (2 pcs).
  • Screws and nuts for mounting into a rack.


Note:delivery set does not include the replaceable front panels for fixation of optical connectors.

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