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Optical box CROSVER FOB-19-1-SC lite

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Optical boxes CROSVER FOB-19-1-SC lite are designed for mounting in a 19” rack and are applied for optic cables termination by splicing method using pigtails

Optical boxes CROSVER FOB-19-1-SC lite is a universal solution for lead-in distributors , telecommunication crosses, server rooms and other communication centers.

24 holes for the optical adapters of type SC (or 24 duplex adapter type LC) are placed on the front panel.

Ergonomical case and internal packaging of the box meet all the operational requirements.

Recommended type of cassette - S300 (maximum - 2 cassettes).


 Box type


Number of installed SC adaptors

(height x width x depth), mm

FOB-19/1-SC lite



44 x 485 x 220


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