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Software based IP monitoring solution with IP Multiviewer Tag MCM-9000


The MCM-9000 provides a complete monitoring solution for all the transmission layers starting from the TS packet header all the way down to the encoded video content and quality. In addition, MCM-9000 creates a visual mosaic from the monitored services with rich data overlay, supplying the operator with a strong tool for error detection and alerting.

The created mosaic is an HD video stream, encoded and transmitted as standard H.264 SPTS – enabling remote monitoring, mobile devices access and very flexible installation topology.

The device monitors complete ETR-101-290 compliance with a rich variety of properties: video freeze, black video, audio silence, audio levels, color space, resolution change, service bitrate, PMT structure and more



  • Flexible deployment, due to the unique mosaic over SPTS.
  • Mosaic streaming over regular LAN/WAN network is available.
  • High density solution; concurrent monitoring of up to 250 services per server.
  • Ability to mix a variety of sources HEVC/H.264/MPEG-2/SMPTE-2022-6/7
  • Simultaneous, real-time analysis of all sources on all channels
  • Unique alarm trigger settings for individual channels or groups of channels
  • Source recording, triggered by any of the event detection rules
  • On screen DVB subtitling, Teletext subtitles, ID3 subtitling and Closed-captions rendering

The MCM-9000 provides three levels of monitoring:

Transport level monitoring
based on ETR-101-290 compliance, content level monitoring, and template based monitoring for detection of configuration changes in the monitored stream.



  • Transport layer monitoring: ETR-101-290, ATSC A/78A
  • Video content monitoring: freeze frame, black frame
  • Audio content monitoring: audio levels, audio Silence
  • Subtitles content monitoring: display and validity


Stream Capture


  • Automatic stream capture on error or external trigger
  • Data Traffic Monitoring and Logging
  • Logging of individual PIDs and service bitrates
  • Interval based statistics trap generation