Twin single-band TV modulators TERRA mt420

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Signal at the input:
Output signal:
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Наименование Код Наличие Ед.измерения Цена Количество
1 mt420 053230 pcs.
2 mt420С 053231 pcs.


Multistandard twin modulators mt420 and mt420C – TV modulators are intended to form single side band signal of analogue TV in VHF and UHF bands. Each section is controlled separately and output channel of each section of the modulator is set independently of the other section.

The newest components and switched 7/8 MHz SAW IF filters provide excellent operating characteristics of output signal.

Modulators are powering from an external +12 V power supply with the ability to transfer power to other modulators by special flat cable.Modulators design provides big flaxibility under the installation.


  • two independent frequency agile vestigial sideband
    TV modulators integrated into one module
  • LED display and push buttons control of internal microprocessor
  • non-volatile channel memory
  • PLL crystal stabilization of carriers frequency
  • adjustable RF output level and audio input level for every section
  • loop through RF combining
  • low level harmonics and intermodulation products
  • built-in test pattern generator
  • robust diecast housing
  • connectors:
  • video/audio input - RCA socket
  • RF - type F
  • screw terminal block for DC entry


  • mt420 VSB single-band modulator, standard B/G/D/K/I/L/Au
  • mt420C  VSB single-band modulator, standard B/G/D/K/Au stereo A2


Installation example

sxema 420

Technical specifications:

TV standard pr B/G/D/K/I/L/Au B/G/D/K/Au stereo A2
Frequency range 110-862 MHz
Video input frequency range
20 Hz - 6 MHz
1 V ± 0,1 В/75 Ω
Audio input frequency range
20 Hz - 15 kHz
775 mV /10 kΩ
level adjustment pr (dB)
-6 … +6 by 2 dB step
Rf output level/impedance
90 dBmV/75 Ω
level adjustment range
0 + -10 dB by 1 dB step
Frequency range o RF combining (MHz)
DC pass through (A)
Combining through loss Terr/SAT (dB)
Return loss, dB
≥ 10
Sound subcarrier frequency, pr 5.5 MHz, 6.0 MHz, 6.5 MHz stereo A2
Fine tuning range of video carrier frequency pr (MHz) ± 2.25 max by 0.25 step
IF bandwidth pr (MHz) 7/8
A/V ratio pr dB 12 / 16
S/N ratio, weighted dB ≥ 55
IMD2/IMD3 spurious level (dB) < -60
Current consumption 12 V / 4,5A 12 V / 4,7
Operating temperature range °C 0 … +50
Dimentions (mm) 198 x 107 x 36
Weight (packed) kg 0.9

pr – software control


mt420 mt420C r2
mt420 mt420C r2111

Power supply:

DC output +12 V 1.25 A +12 V 4.5 A
Mains voltage 100 V…240 V, ~ 50 Hz
Operating temperature range 0…+40 °C -20…+50 °C
Dimentions/Weight(packed) 34x71x50 mm/0.18 kg 78x97x56 mm/0.4 kg

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