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Modulator Bi-Zone TVM 210 A

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Modulator ТМ210А may be useful in the event that your TV set is deprived of V/A-inputs or if  these inputs are enabled by other devices, such as DVD, satellite tuner, video camera, etc., that may be additionally connected to your TV set through modulators. The modulator applies the spectrum of low frequency V/A signals onto the frequency of a TV channel that you have selected. Transmission is performed in the range of decimetric waves (channels 21-69). The modulator has a built-in TV adder to add up an output signal and a signal from an antenna or from a cable TV system. .


  • A built-in power supply, 220 V;
  • A handy push-button front end;
  • Digital indication of channel number while adjusting;
  • An in-built test generator;
  • Level control over output TV signal;
  • An in-built transition-line TV adder.

Technical specifications:

Output channels


Frequency coverage

70-862 MHz (UHF)


DSB (two sidebands)

Frequency of audio subcarrier

6.5 MHz

Audio standard


Relationship between carriers (V/A)


Output level (typical)

90 dB µV

Output level control

0-15 dB

Losses in transition-line adder

2 dB  max.

Rated level of output video


Rated level of input audio


Connector type VIDEO and AUDIO


Type of TV connectors


Supply voltage

220V, 50Hz

 Overall dimensions 


A view of the modulator’s functional part:

Вид функциональной части изделия

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