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Management complex of advertising video streams

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Hardware/software management complex of advertising video streams Indoor TV. Universal complex is easy to maintain, easy to operate, and perspective in development.

Indoor TV is local advertising TV in points of sale (malls, supermarkets, airports, etc.). Monitors and plasma screens located in stores display the entertainment programs and adverts. Frequency of attending the points of sale by customers makes online advertising at Indoor TV network efficient for advertiser. Ample opportunities of Indoor TV enable both the long-term promotional campaigns and announcement of short-term promotion actions, which are often taken in points of sale. Thus, promotion of goods is implemented in several directions simultaneously, which really improves its efficiency, and advertising at Indoor TV attracts the exact target group that was counted on. Thus, promotions at points of sale pay off quickly and bring a significant profit.

Distinctive features of the complex:

  • Using the complex, you have the opportunity to form a flexible sales policy for commercial airtime (the price may vary depending on type of advertising: crawl line, static text, image);
  • In order to attract the users' attention to TV advertising, you can have simultaneous live broadcast from any point – both from IP and from analog cameras;
  • Now, when using the complex, the operator can create a playlist for unlimited interval;
  • The ad campaign can be started in 5 minutes upon receipt of video materials;
  • System enables the display of any video format and any resolution, including HD (High Definition) and Full HD 1080;
  • Using the additional parameters of the complex, you can overlay the crawl line, static text or image on actually available video;

You can control the advertising video stream at each individual TV or TV monitor – from remote server;

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