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Visible laser radiation source MULTITEST MT3101

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Compact source of visible (650 nm, red light) laser radiation MULTITEST MT3101 is designed for testing the integrity of optical lines, for identification of fiber in the cable at a distance of up to 10 km, and for visual detection of breaks and excessive bends in optical fiber.

With the source of visible laser radiation MULTITEST MT3101, you can easily detect the defects at patch-cords, cracks, and ultimate bends of fibers in cross distribution boxes and couplings.

The source is designed to work with single-mode and multi-mode optical fiber. Its universal plug is suitable for connectors of FC, SC and ST types with ferrule 2.5mm. Continuous light and pulse mode are both possible.


Field of application:

  • Detection of breaks, fractures, and micro-bends of fiber, including through the outer cladding of optical cables.
  • Visual identification of fibers.
  • Optimization of parameters of mechanical connections of fibers.



650±10 nm

Fiber type


Output power

7 mW

Visual identification at fiber length

Up to 10 km (for SM fiber)

Optical connector

FC/SC/ST universal connector 2.5 mm

Power supply

2 batteries AAA (1.5 V)


L = 160 mm, D = 15 mm

Weight, g


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