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Optical laser emitter MULTITEST MT3103

Optical laser emitter MULTITEST MT3103 is designed to supply optical radiation into fiber at testing of optical lines, loss measurement in optical fiber and other passive optical devices.

The device can operate at two wavelengths 1310 and 1550 nm.  The device is functional and usable. Operation modes are switched by special function keys. The emitter operation modes are displayed by LEDs.

Compact housing fits easily into the palm of your hand; it is provided with a rubber casing for shock protection. The device complete set includes a power adapter for operation from a 220 V mains.

Key features:

  • source for two wavelengths 1310 and 1550 nm;
  • stable level of output radiation;
  • modulation of optical radiation 2 kHz;
  • LED indication of switch-on, wavelength, modulation, low battery;
  • compact design with shock-resistant casing;
  • can be supplied from 220 V mains.



1310 nm/1550 nm

Output power

-5 dBm ± 1dB

Output power stability

± 0.05 dB (during 15 minutes)

±0.1 dB (during 8 hours)


Without modulation, 2 kHz

Optical connector


Operating temperature

-10 to +50 °С

Storage temperature

-20 to +70 °С

Dimensions, mm

130 x 69 x 22

Weight, g


Power supply

2 batteries AA
Power adapter for 220 V mains

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