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IPTV Middleware

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Hibox Aura – Multiscreen IPTV and OTT Middleware

Hibox Aura Middleware allows the operator to organize a convenient and intuitive interface for the subscriber and also provides a flexible management system for modern IPTV and OTT services for the operator.
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Manufacturer: Hibox

Hibox SmartRoom – hotel middleware

Hibox SmartRoom is based on the use of the principles of digital and IP-television and the latest technologies for the transmission, display and storage of data.
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Manufacturer: Hibox

BeeSmart IPTV Middleware

BeeSmart Middleware of BeeSmart Company – one of main components of IPTV and Internet TV systems – is a graphical interface allowing the users to manage video, audio, and data transfer services rendered by provider. Flexibility and modularity of BeeSmart Middleware ensure the successful implementation of new functionality demanded by the market.
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Manufacturer: BeeNius

AntSystems IPTV Middleware

AntSystems IPTV Middleware is a scalable, feature-rich interactive TV platform that provides multimedia applications, which can be deployed in any LAN.
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Manufacturer: AntSystems

Software for IPTV management with use of remote control.