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Thermo-contracting sleeves and tubes

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Гильза 45 мм ATI
Артикул: 169663
Unit: pcs.
Гильза 45 мм ATI, 1000шт=1уп
Артикул: 172676
Unit: пач.
Гильза 45 мм ATI, 100шт=1уп
Артикул: 169664
Unit: пач.
Гильза 60 мм ATI, 1000шт=1уп
Артикул: 169665
Unit: пач.
Гильза 60 мм ATI, 100шт=1уп
Артикул: 169666
Unit: пач.


Thermo-contracting sleeves KDZS (kit of protective parts for spliced joints) are designed to ensure mechanical strength and moisture protection for the joint  of two fibers. Each one consists of a metal rod, internal ultrathene tube and external polyolefine tube. The internal tube (more fusible) is shrinked first, and then the external one. Since temperature gradient in thermo-contracting furnace goes from the center to edges, all the air is squeezed out during shrinkage. Minimum shrink temperature: 90°С, operating temperature: -55°С +100°С.

Engineering data:



Length, mm



Diameter after shrinkage, mm

2.6 - 2.8

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