Headend station of cable modems Arris Cadant C4с

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 ARRIS Cadant® C4™ is a powerful CMTS (cable modem termination system) of modular type with integrated boundary router of 3 level with support of DOCSIS 2.0 and Euro-DOCSIS 2.0, PacketCable 1.1/1.0, as well as with functional maintenance of DOCSIS 3.0. Cadant® C4™ CMTS provides possibility of transmission of voice information including IP-telephony, data and multimedia for maintenance of both individual and corporate users and provides support of all modern IP services. Rational application in medium and large centralized CATV networks. The latest software version 5.1 for Cadant® C4™ CMTS supports up to 52 000 cable modems or 32 000 voice lines on the same chassis.

 Well-proved bar Cadant passes to a new level after issuing new product Cadant® C4™. Due to module packaging and possibility of hot replacement of both modules and software as well as carrying out to the front panel of four types of modules: system control module (SCM), commutation module (FCM), network access module (NAM), cable access module (CAM), we have possibility of updating, repair and growing system without its full shut-down. This provides high reliability and profitability of the system as a whole.

Patented process FlexCAM provides reliability and system flexibility. This is achieved at expense of adjustable backup groups as per CAM modules. In case of failure of one CAM modems change for standby CAM of the same group. At this backups can be adjusted in a free way with backup 1+1, 1+4, 1+7. Hot backup also extended to modules SCM, FCM, NAM as per formula 1+1.

Integrated boundary router of the third level provides guaranteed band transmission at 6.4 Gbit/s, at 100% loading it is capable of processing of 6.24 millions packets per second.

Cadant® C4™ CMTS has unique possibility for updating; at this such updating can be performed stagy-by-stage optimizing capital costs. . The first stage, use of functions of standard DOCSIS 3.0 is union of channels; this allows increasing data transmission rate. The second stage, creating of system I-CMTS (integrated). It is organized by means of carrying out of direct channels into separate module and usage of CAM as return channel modules that will allow varying with distribution of direct and return channel quite flexibly. There is no shortage in return channels and there will not be anyway because updating stage will create up to 12! And finally, the third updating stage will allow to create M-CMTS (modular), this means that direct channel modules will be carried out into separate device like ARRISKeystone™ D5™ (DMTS) (digital multimedia station), that besides this provides multimedia services. At this control modules will remain at Cadant® C4™.

Technical specifications

RF direct channel:

Frequency band, MHz

91-857 (DOCSIS 2.0);
112-858 (Euro-DOCSIS 2.0)


64 or 256 QAM

Transmission band (max), Mbit/s

from 30.34 (6MHz, 64QAM)
to 56.62 (8MHz, 256QAM)

RF output level, dBmV

+50 ÷ +61

RF return channel:

Frequency band, MHz

5-42 (DOCSIS 2.0)
5-55; 5-65 (Euro-DOCSIS)


QPSK; 8 QAM, 16 QAM,
32 QAM, 64 QAM

Transmission band (max), Mbit/s

Up to 30.72

RF output level, dBmV

-16 ÷ 29


RF interfaces

Outer connector F-type

Network interface

Two RJ-45 Ethernet ports

Power supply

Redundant dc supply:
-48V dc (-36V - -72V dc),
or ac supply

Power consumed,max

2800 W at direct voltage -48В

Physical parameters:

Working temperature, °C

5 ÷ 40

Temperature of storage, °C

-40 ÷ 70

Operating humidity (min – max)

5 ÷ 85% (without condensation)

Dimensions (H x L x D), sm

62.2 x 44.2 x 54.8

Weight, kg


 Software features (version 5.1)

  • DOCSIS 2.0
  • Euro-DOCSIS 2.0 (A-TDMA & S-CDMA)
  • PacketCable 1.0/1.1
  • DOCSIS Set-top Gateway (DSG)
  • PacketCable Multimedia (basic) Support
  • RIPv2 (RFC 1723), OSPFv2 (RFC 2328), BGP4, IS-IS
  • DHCP Relay Agent (Option 82)
  • ICMP (RFC 792)
  • ECMP (Equal Cost Multipath Load Balancing)
  • CIDR (Classless Inter-Domain Routing) (RFC 1519)
  • PIM-SSM, IGMPv2, and multicast flows (RFC1112)
  • Virtual Route/Forwarding Instances (VRFs)
  • Subinterfaces
  • 802.1Q VLAN tagging*
  • FlexPath™ wideband channel bonding (up to 4 DS and 4 US)
  • IEEE 802.1p priority bit mapping
  • Interface Bundling across any number of RF interfaces
  • Command Line Interface (CLI)
  • SNMP v1, v2c and v3
  • DOCSIS MIBs and enterprise MIBs
  • Dynamic Cable Modem Load Balancing
  • Integrated Upstream Agility
  • Lawful Intercept (SII Encapsulation)
  • Flexible Full US to DS Mapping within CAM
  • Telnet, SSH2, and SFTP
  • IP DiffServ Advanced CM Config File Verification Extended ACLs, IGMP ACLs & Named ACLs
  • * Optional Software Support – Licensed separately per C4 downstream

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