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Headend station of cable modems ARRIS Cadant C3


Headend station Cadant C3 operates in standards DOCSIS 2.0, Euro-DOCSIS and Japanese-DOCSIS. It realizes features of service quality control (QoS), determined with standards CableLabs to arrange extended set of IP-services. The whole spectrum of possibilities to organize safety, determined by DOCSIS 2.0 and Euro-DOCSIS is maintained, as well as dynamical determination of quality of services and service flows, required for organization of such services like IР-telephony. СЗ CMTS maintains 10/100/1000 BaseT connection as per interface Ethernet, 64/256 QAM transmission in direct channel, QPSK or 8/16/32/64/128QAM modulation in return channel,.СЗ CMTS satisfies needs of the world market, realizing program-switched operation modes in standards DOCSIS, Euro-DOCSIS and Japanese-DOCSIS. All the modes allow operating at any frequency of return channel within range of 5-65 MHz Besides, additional bandwidth of return channel 6.4 MHz is maintained, that together with additional methods of division of return channel resource A-TDMA and S-CDMA gives possibility of creating symmetrical as per connection rate. Station is scaled with additional modules of receiver of return channel and maintains in maximum configuration up to 6 receivers of return channel per one direct channel.

Technical specifications

RF direct channel:

Frequency band, MHz

88 ÷ 860


64 or 256 QAM
(QPSK, 16 QAM for operation in wireless networks)

Transmission band (max), Mbit/s

30 (6MHz, 64QAM) ÷ 56 (8MHz, 256QAM)

RF output level, dBmV


+45 ÷ +61

RF return channel:



Frequency band, MHz



5-42 (DOCSIS)

5-55; 5-65 (Euro-DOCSIS)

Transmission band (max), Mbit/s

RF output level, dBmV

QPSK, 8, 16, 32, 64 QAM

128QAM at TrellisCodeModulation (S-CDMA)

RF interfaces

31, per one return channel

Network interface

-20 ÷ +26

Physical parameters:

Power supply

Outer connector F-type

Power consumed,max

Two RJ-45 Ethernet port, 
10/100/1000 BaseT

Working temperature, °C

Two power units: -48 V DC or universal  AC

Temperature of storage, °C

100-240 VAC, 2A, 47-63 Hz

Operating humidity (min – max)

-40 to -60V, 4A

RF direct channel:

Dimensions (H x L x D), sm

0 - 40

Weight, kg

-40 - 75

Frequency band, MHz

10-80% (without condensate)


90 max, 80 typical

Transmission band (max), Mbit/s

4.4 x 48.3 x 46.5 1RU

RF output level, dBmV


Functionality of internal software

  • DOCSIS 2.0 Qualified and Euro-DOCSIS 2.0 Based
  • PacketCable, Multimedia COPS, DQoS
  • 3,000 Registered Cable Modems
  • Ingress Noise Cancellation
  • DHCP Relay Agent (Option 82)
  • Layer 2 Bridging
  • PPPoE support in Routing Mode
  • DOCSIS MIBs and ARRIS Enterprise MIBs
  • Command Line Interface (CLI)
  • SNMP v1, v2 and v3
  • CLI Configurable SNMP
  • Telnet
  • Secure Shell ½
  • In-band or Out-of-band Management
  • 30 ACLs with 30 entries per ACL and Subscriber Management Filtering
  • Cable Source Verify and Packet Throttling
  • Numerical Load Balancing
  • Bandwidth Aware Periodic Load Balancing
  • Upstream Channel Change (UCC)
  • 802.1Q VLANs (base)
  • 802.1Q VLANs (extended) – individual license
  • Static Routing
  • RIPv2 (RFC 2453) - individual license
  • OSPFv2 (RFC 2328) - individual license
  • RIP-to-OSPF Route Redistribution RIP and OSPF - individual license
  • Route Redistribution Filtering
  • IGMPv2 Proxy
  • Payload Header Suppression (PHS)
  • Scalable and Reliable VoIP (NCS or SIP) – maintenance up to 1000 lines
  • Lawful Intercept
  • DS1/E1 Commercial Service
  • Wireless DOCSIS - individual license

Software for CMTS:
#719483 ...........Software Vers. 4.4 (base license, Softwarfe &CD with documents)
#713868 ...........RIPv2 Routing License (option)
#713869 ...........VLAN/BridgeGroup License (option)
#713870 ...........RIPv2& VLAN/Bridge Group License (option)
#714827 ...........OSPFv2Routing License (option) 
#714828 ...........OSPFv2Routing License & VLAN/Bridge Group License (option)

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