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Automated system of calculations and monitoring (АСРМ) 'Nika'
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General information of system:

Automated system of calculations and monitoring (АСРМ) "Nika" is designed for implementation of service of Internet access in hybrid networks of cable TV. It is a software complex allowing replacing several software products at once.

Simultaneously subject to traffic, money and services (billing system functions), АСРМ allows to control DHCP server service (service required both for establishment of system of cable modems and for simplification of servicing client PC), TFTP service (for each modem configured file of specific format is created with the help of which radio-frequency and network modem parameters are adjusted).

System structure:

АСРМ consists of the following modules:

  • Access module is intended for division of users into groups, creating operators for these groups, determination of their authorities of access to system modules.
  • System adjustment module consists of tools of setting of other system modules and server services.
  • Billing moduleis used for registering (editing) into user’s database of selected tariff plan, set of services, unique modem and PC data, required for operation of system of cable modems.
  • Monitoring moduleis used for displaying levels of client modems. One can review the current level, history of levels of modems for the past time. Optional possibility is building and storing graphs of ratio of signal level to noise level at each CMTS upstream.
  • System is created as per technology of “thin client” when the engineers use  WWW browser only when operating with this system;
  • It does not heavy any software restrictions per number of services subscribers and services;
  • Full compatibility with DOCSIS and EURODOCSIS standards;
  • Flexibility and scaling;
  • Emphasis to constant development and updating, running in updates at large, modern hybrid optical-coaxial network of cable TV;
  • Qualified support;
  • Compatibility with any types of head modems.

System advantages:

System functionality:

АСРМ "Nika" offers complete set of functional possibilities required for modern operator of cable TV to create on the base of hybrid network of cable TV high-speed local network with output to the World Internet including it allows to perform the following operations:

  • Register and edit required client data into system database with possibility to connect and disconnect it manually or in automatic mode. At this one can allow credit operation value of which is installed by operator at his discretion.
  • Register and edit data of modems and PCs required for system operation (MAC-address, IP-address). During operation it is necessary to know radio-frequency modem parameters (direct channel level, return channel level, ratio of signal level to noise level of direct channel, frequency of direct and return channels). In system one can reviewing both the current level and history for passed time. Besides, one can ping modem or PC right from page and find out if they are operating at the moment. This helps when network faults diagnostics.
  • Divide graph into approaches with possibility of tariffing of each separate approach.

  • Divide clients into groups. Create operators per each group of clients providing specific access rights to each of them.

  • Keep history of traffic consumption as per approaches for each client, for group and all system. Review history of traffic consumption in suitable adjustable mode.

  • Lay off from payment for rendering service from client’s deposit.

  • Make payments to client’s deposit with stamp of cash orders. One can separately make selection of payments individually for each client, group, payment type, operator who made payment, time and payment period.

  • Sealing and issuance of cash vouchers required for client, operator and accountant. Administrator can form receipts by himself for different kind of payment by means of general html.

  • Display current ratio of signal level to noise level of return channel at eact CMTS upstream. Keep history (in graph like).

  • At any moment the client can enter under his own login and password the personal page and see all information relating to him. (Cash balance at his account, detail traffic statistics (detailing within 10 minutes interval), history of payments and services); one can disconnect/connect access to network (protection against children or unauthorized access to your PC network).

Equipment and software requirements:

  • Operating system (ОС): Linux;
  • Database control system : MySQL;
  • http-server: Apache;
  • mail-server: Sendmail;

Client’s software: web-browser.

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