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Service-injector CTI I201

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 Service-injector is designed to support the work of EPG system and to submit the individual data to multiplexers. I201 is equipped with ASI input – to retrieve from transport stream and edit the information on EPG, and to analyze the PSI/SI tables. Service-injector converts the service data and EPS information from IP to standard traffic stream DVB and submits it to multiplexers (via 8 ASI-outputs). For each multiplexer, individual traffic stream can be formed and submitted to relevant interface. Thus, each multiplexer receives the service data addressed to it only – with no need for PID filtration and redirection. Scaling of EPG system is only realized via increasing the number of service-injectors.


1 (RJ45), maximum rate – 50 Mbit/s

Input ASI interface

1 ASI (BNC, 75 Ohm)

Maximum rate – 150 Mbit/s

Effective rate – 10 Mbit/s

Output ASI interface

8 ASI (BNC, 75 Ohm)

Maximum rate – 50 Mbit/s

Format of output stream – 188/204

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