Digital multimedia system Arris D5 Universal Edge-QAM

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 ARRIS D5 Universal Edge-QAM (UEQ) is a solution for processing of SPTS and MPTS MPEG-streams received from IP-network, establishment of multiplex channels, and their transmission as QAM-modulated signal in HFC network.

This platform allows simultaneous injection of up to 3000 MPEG streams – via four GigabitEthernet interfaces located on network access module. Received video streams can be multiplexed and sent to any output RF-interface. Such traditional MPEG-processing functions as PSI/SI management, PID reassignment, recovery of PCR synchronization, and scrambling have been implemented as well. One chassis (2U form-factor) can comprise up to six modulator boards, each of which can form up to 24 QAM Channels (8 MHz). Due to such high density, number of QAM can be increased up to 144 – by installing the additional modulator cards.

Arris Edge-QAM D5 supports the transfer of direct DOCSIS channels within M-CMTS system, as well as the cut-through data transfer. Interaction with M-CMTS core is realized via DEPI interface. CableLabs DOCSIS Timing Interface (DTI) specification is fully supported as well. D5 platform enables simultaneous transmission of both direct DOCSIS channels and digital cable TV signals (in the same chassis).





Operating temperature range

0 to +50°C

Storage temperature range

-40 to +70°C

Relative humidity

90% (no condensate)

Power supply

AC power supply

100-240V, 50-60Hz

DC power supply

42 to 56V

Maximum power consumption


Physical parameters

Dimensions (W x H x D)

89 x 480 x 610mm


22.7 kg

WAN module

Standard Gigabit Ethernet interface

Up to 8 (4 per each module)

Maximum total input rate

4 Gbit/s

Optical SFP or 1000BaseT (optional)

IEEE802.3z or IEEE802.3ab

Backup by Gigabit Ethernet

2X (1 + 1), 2+1, 3+1, 4+1

IP Unicast and Multicast


QAM module

RF interface

4 x 75 Ohm, F-type


54-1002 MHz

Tuning step

62.5 kHz


64 QAM, 256 QAM

Output level

41 to 60 dBmV

Tuning step of output level

0.1 dB

Return loss factor (in the band)

>15 dB

MER (average)

>46 dB

MPEG processing

Reception of input MPEG-2 SPTS streams (RFC 768, 2250)

Up to 1488 (per WAN module)

Generation of output MPTS streams (ISO/IEC 13818-1)

Up to 144

PID reassignment, if necessary


Input jitter buffer correction

Up to 500 ms

Routing of any input stream to any output

PCR jitter correction

PSI extraction, automatic generation of PSI/SI tables


Two independent 10/100BaseTX interfaces for CAS and NMS


Serial port RS-232

Protocols: SNMP, XML, HTTP, DTI, CLI (Telnet/SSH, RS323), TFTP, IGMPv2/v3 (+SSM)

Graphical user interface, Arris D5 Application Manager

General data


RIPv2, OSPFv2, static,

Front LCD display

4-linear, alphanumeric, with keypad for configuration and control

"Hot swapping" by 8 modules


Power supply sources, WAN module, fans, QAM modules

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