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Automatic Arc Fusion Splicer Inno Instrument IFS-10

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The Korean Company Inno Instrument presented its new splicing machine for operations with different types of fiber (MM, SM, DS, NRZ, G.657 (A, B)) - model IFS-10, which came in the stead of model IFS-9.

This compact, lightweight and reliable unit retains all the advantages of its predecessor, and even exceeded it with some parameters.


Loss statistics at a splicing joint for splicing machine IFS-10:
0.00 dB: 10% splices
0.01 dB: 70% splices
0.02 dB: 20% splices

The data are true for SM fibers of the same manufacturer, spliced under normal conditions.


Main advantages of the splicing machine:

  • Weight only 2.2 kg (without accumulator battery);
  • Adapted for operation under severe weather conditions;
  • Simple and user-friendly interface;
  • High capacity battery: 350 splices without recharging;
  • Quickly optimized fiber;
  • High-precision splicing;
  • USB port for updating the device software;
  • Swivel screen for operation from the rear of the splicing machine.


Specification of automatic splicing machine Inno Instrument IFS-10:


Fiber alignment method


Types of spliced fibers

  • Single-mode SM(ITU-T G.652),
  • Multimode MM(ITU-T G.651),
  • Dispersion region shifted DS(ITU-T G.653),
  • Non-zero dispersion shifted NZDS(ITU-T G.655)
  • Hyposensitive to bends (ITU-T G.657)

Spliced fiber diameter

From 80 µm to 150 µm

Coating diameter of the spliced fiber

From 100 µm to 1000 µm

Length of strapped fibers

  • 8 mm (if diameter of the spliced fiber is not more than 0.25mm);
  • 16 mm (if diameter of the spliced fiber is 250 up to 1000 µm)

Real average loss at a splice joint

  • 0.02 dB for SM
  • 0.01 dB for ММ
  • 0.04 dB for DS
  • 0.04 dB for NZDS

Standard splicing time

9 sec. for SM fiber

Heat shrink time

30 s

Reflection factor from the splicing joint

Not less than 60 dB

Splicing program

10 user-adjustable splicing programs and 100 pre-set splicing programs

Saving of splicing results and parameters

Up to 2000 splicing results

Testing of splice point for mechanical strength

Tensile force 200 g


Color 5.6”

Front-end interfaces

RS232 for data transfer on PC

Power supply

AC mains 100–240 V

Number of splicing cycles with heat shrinkage in case of battery supply

About 350 cycles

Operating conditions

  • From 0 to 5000 m above sea level;
  • Relative air humidity from 0 to 95%;
  • Temperature from -10 to +50°С

Wind screen

Maximum permissible wind velocity 15 m/s


168 х 148 х 160


2.2 kg

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