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AutomaticArc Fusion Splicer Coringer AFS-40

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Fully automatic splicing machine CORINGER AFS-40 with automatic alignment by fiber core. A compact and lightweight splicing machine has a comfortable and ergonomic design. Software (5 pre-set and 5 user-definable splicing programs) allow splicing of fiber types mainly used in Fiber-Optical Communication Lines (FOCL) nowadays. Self-powered, wide operating temperature range (from -10C to +50C) and enhanced wind protection ensure very low loss under field conditions. Due to latest techniques applied and advice of the leading experts, this model has become the most productive, accurate, fast and reliable on the market of China splicing equipment.


Videos of splicing


The package includes a hard case for carrying the device and a pair of spare electrodes.


Automatic splicing machine CORINGER AFS-40 is under a 1 year warranty. Warranty and post warranty repair of any complexity is performed.


Types of spliced fibers

Quartz optical fibers: single-mode (SM), multimode (MM)

Real average loss at splice joint

0.02 dB for SM, 0.01 dB for ММ

Standard splicing time

9 sec.

Reflection factor from splice joint

Not more than -60 dB

Splicing programs

10 user-adjustable splicing programs, 5 pre-set modes for SM and 5 pre-set modes for MM

Connection with computer

Interface RS-232 (for programming)

Saving of splicing parameters and results

Internal memory allows keeping of up to 5000 splicing results and parameters

Splicing loss estimation

By displacement of cores and misalignment of mode spot diameters of the spliced fibers; angular displacement of cores is also considered for better loss estimation accuracy

Length of strapped fibers

16 mm for outer coating (standard)

Scanning of the splice point

Axes X and Y simultaneously, with the help of two TV cameras on a 5-inch LCD, possibility to change the display tilt angle


Additional lighting of grooves for work at poor light

Automatic adjustment of arc power to compensate change of pressure, temperature and humidity

-        by pressure: it corresponds to altitude change from 0 to 4000 m above sea level

-        by relative humidity: from 0 to 95% and temperature from -10 C to +50 C

-        storage: from -40 C to +60 C

Testing of splice point for mechanical strength

Tensile force 200 g and additional test 440 g

Heat shrinkage

Built-in heater; heating time from 30 to 240 sec. depending on the chosen program, or programmed manually depending on the environmental conditions and used materials

Types of the applied heat shrink tubes

Standard 60 or 40 mm long

Number of splices at battery supply

About 40 splices with heat shrink from a fully charged battery

Power supply

From AC mains (220V+15% 50Hz 30W) or DC mains (12V 25W), and from a detachable accumulator battery 12 V

Wind screen

Maximum admissible wind velocity 15 m/s


172 mm х 180 mm х185 mm (width, length, height)


4.6 kg

Delivery set of splicing machine AFS-40



Splicing machine AFS-40


Storage battery


Mains cord


AC-power adapter


Spare electrodes

1 pair



Brush for cleaning


Hard carrying case


Belt for carrying the case


Tray for sleeves


Cord for connection to PC


Software disk


Multilanguage operating manual


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