Automatic Arc Fusion Splicer Fujikura FSM-50S

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Distinctive features of Fujikura FSM-50S

  • Spliced fiber aligning system “PAS” (by core).
  • Splicing of fibers in 9 seconds.
  • Heat-shrinking in 35 seconds.
  • “On the fly” arc calibration.
  • Ultra-low loss at spliced joint (with high accuracy of its assessment).
  • 5.6" display can be mounted both in front and behind the splicing (control panels are duplicated).
  • Longer battery life – 160 splicing cycles.
  • Available USB port – for downloading and transmission of splicing program data (splicing results) between PC and splicing machine.
  • Longer electrode life.
  • Fujikura FSM-50S – the most compact and lightweight machine in its class – 150x150x150 mm, at 2.8 kg weight, with universal power adapter.

Fujikura FSM-50S in two working positions
Top view

Delivery set of Fujikura FSM-50S

Scope of supply



Splicing machine with multilanguage menu



Demountable power supply unit (200V/12V) with charger






Battery-charging cable



AC power cord



Spare electrodes


1 pair

Cover protecting the display



Hard case for carrying



Operation manual


Case-carrying strap



Specifications of Fujikura FSM-50S

Types of spliced fibers

Single quartz optical fibers

  • single-mode (SM, ITU-T G.652)
  • multimode (MM, ITU-T G.651)
  • with shifted dispersion area (DS, ITU-T G.653)
  • with shifted non-zero dispersion (NZDS, ITU-TG.655)
    • erbium-doped, etc.

Diameter of spliced fiber

80 to 150 µm

Diameter of coating at spliced fiber

100 to 1000 µm

Real average loss at spliced joint

  • 0.02 dB for SM
  • 0.01 dB for MM
  • 0.04 dB for DS
  • 0.04 dB for NZDS

Typical splicing time

9 seconds for SM fiber

Reflection factor (from splice joint)

No more than 60 dB

Splicing programs

40 user-configured splicing programs and 60 factory-set splicing modes

Assessment of splicing loss

By core/sheath (assessment of core aligning and angular displacement)

Insertion loss function at splice area

Deliberate insertion loss, so as to set a fixed attenuator in the line: 0.1 dB to 15 dB, with 0.1 dB step

Saving of splicing parameters and results

Internal memory can store up to 2000 splicing results

Length of strapped fibers

  • 8 to 16 mm – for no more than 250 µm external coating
  • 16 mm – for 250 to 1000 µm external coating
  • 8 to 16 mm – for250 to 1000 µm external coating (at presence of additional restrictive plate)

View of splice area

X and Y axes (simultaneously or individually) – by two CMOS cameras, at 5.6-inch color LCD

Magnified view of splice area

  • 295-fold for individual viewing
  • 147-fold for simultaneous viewing by X and Y axes

Testing of the splice point for mechanical strength

Tensile force – 200 g; additional test – 440 g

Operating conditions

  • 0 to 5000 m above sea level
  • relative air humidity – 0 to 95%
  • temperature – -10 to +50 °C

Number of heat-shrink splices, when powered by battery

  • About 80 splices at fully charged battery BTR-06 (S)
  • About 160 splices at fully charged battery BTR-06 (L)

Power supply

Automatic selection between 100-240V AC or 10-15V DC (when using ADC-11) and from 13.5V battery BTR 06 (S/L)

Wind protection

Maximum allowed wind speed – 15 m/s


150x150x150 mm (width, length, height)


2.3 kg (2.8 kg with ADC-11)

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